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The Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA) has joined other local and International rights groups to demand for speedy address of the homicide case of a Lagos lawyer, Mrs. BOLANLE RAHEEM who was recently shot dead by a police officer, ASP Drambi Vandi attached to Ajiwe police station in Ajah.
The Human Right group in a statement signed by both the head of the legal department, Lekan Alabi Esq., and the group Executive Director, Comrade Buna Olaitan Isiak, described the incident as a broad day murder and request compensation for the family of the deceased as well as urgent reform and restructuring of the police institutions in Nigeria.


Statement reads in parts:

“Members of this human rights organisation are extremely sad to read the report of the broad day murder of Mrs. Bolanle Raheem on the 25th day of December, 2022 at Ajah axis in Lagos State. It is sadder to note that the deseased was a victim of police brutality. Bolanle did not carry any arm nor resist arrest of the so-called police men on duty, however, what is clear from the report is that the power drunk officer is a criminal commiting heinous crime under the cover of the police authority.
It is an unpleasant surprise that the police authority in its full unethical manner and unprofessional way keep ASP Drambi Vandi in service for 33 years. It remains unexplainable that a black leg would be in service for so long years perpetrating evils and killing and maiming innocent citizens without any repercussion.
“No doubt the society deserves justice in this case. And justice must be expeditiously served. The police command and the Lagos State Government do not have the luxury of time to dance round the issue in this straight forward homicide case in the name of due process of law.
Based on the forgoing our organisation demands the following from the government:
“1. Conclusion of investigation of the crime within one week of the arrest of the suspect.
The DPP Advice must be speedily prepared by the office of Attorney General of Lagos State within one week of the receipt of the investigation report from the police..
Filing of charge and arraignment of the suspect(s) before a court of competent jurisdiction should be done without any delay.
The life span of the trial should not be more than one year for justice to be served.
Police Council should urgently consider and approve the sum of 0ne Billion Naira for compensation for the family of the victim.
“It is unambiguously clear that the police establishment as it were in Nigeria could not serve the interest of Nigerians, it is against this background that we join other well meaning Nigerians to call for urgent reforms and restructuring of the police institutions.
We are with the family of Bolanle Raheem at this difficult moment.”


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